Electronic Warfare

XY displays were used in many electronic warfare (EW) systems to provide high-resolution display of arbitrary graphics and waveforms. The VectorVGA Pro stroke to raster scan convertor keeps legacy systems working when the CRT display is unavailable. VectorVGA Pro solutions for EW systems are used in ground test equipment, hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) flight simulators, and operation of range equipment using form-fit-function (FFF) replacement displays and stand-alone scan convertors. Custom features are available including image rotation (required for some RWRs with quadrant video signals at 45°), static overlays, and video mixing.

EW systems are used for many purposes. Airborne radar warning receivers (RWR) show threat radars and hostile fire on compact CRT displays. Electronic countermeasure and support measure (ECM/ESM) suites classify electromagnetic (EM) signals and display multiband spectrums. Signal intelligence receivers can intercept distant raster signals and rescan the video onto a wide bandwidth stroke display.

Many companies have manufactured EW hardware using stroke displays including: Applied Technology Inc. (ATI), ARGO, Astronautics, Itek, Litton, and Northrop Grumman. Example systems include: AN/APR-39 RWR, ARGO ULQ-11K ESM/ECM Suite, DSI RG-1000A raster generator, and DSI R-1150-40 Panoramic Display. Please contact us about your EW system that uses stroke video.