XY displays are vital components in many radar systems but are now nearly impossible to replace with legacy CRT units. IST solves this problem once and for all with new form-fit-function (FFF) replacement displays that use high quality LED-backlit LCDs. Analog XY displays were ideal for displaying radar signals; radar signals can be scanned in any direction on the CRT face, traces are displayed with very high resolution, displays are totally frame rate independent for any pulse repetition frequency (PRF) from dozens to thousands of hertz, XY displays accurately display fast traces using high video bandwidth, and multiple traces are easily composited onto a single display without any frame synchronization problems. Replacement displays must be absolutely identical in size, function, and display fidelity in order to mount directly in legacy radar systems without modification. Conversion quality must be exceptional to allow radar operators to discern signals below the noise floor.

With limited budgets, companies and governments are now looking to maintain existing legacy radar systems for much longer than originally planned rather than install new radar systems. The XY display has been a major liability for maintenance crews, depot sustainment facilities, and obsolescence engineers. IST eliminates this difficulty with new, high-quality display solutions in the following form factors:

IST has experience with radar A-scopes, A/R-scopes, R-scopes, C-scopes, and much more. Common application requirements include high stroke-to-raster video quality, arbitrary frame rate conversion without introducing flicker or tearing, high video bandwidth and draw rates, custom reproduction enclosure fabrication, and instant-on operation. Special applications require multi-trace display with independent frame buffering to completely eliminate flicker. Solutions used in military facilities must conform to Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance (IA) requirements. IST hardware supports these requirements without additional certification steps by using an FPGA-based architecture that doesn’t use an operating system (OS), uses no removable media, and has no external data ports.

A few of the many radars that use XY displays are: AN/MPS-39 MOTR, Vitro MR-710, Vitro RIR-778, AN/MSQ-T13 SAM Simulator, AN/MST-T1 MUTES, and AN/FPS-85 Spacetrack. Tell us about your radar system!