Test Equipment

XY displays were used extensively in high-cost test equipment of the 1970s to 1990s such as vector network analyzers (VNA), spectrum analyzers (SA), and communications test equipment. Compact XY displays produced sharp, high-resolution text and graphics superior to any contemporary raster display. The VectorVGA Pro stroke to raster scan convertor provides a range of solutions to replace XY displays that are increasingly hard to obtain. A stand-alone convertor can be used with multiple pieces of test equipment to provide a large, comfortable display on an inexpensive LCD monitor. Version-controlled military equipment can be maintained with drop-in form-fit-function display solutions or custom CRT-to-LCD replacement kits that can be installed by in-house depot sustainment groups.

Common pieces of test equipment using XY displays include: HP 8566B spectrum analyzer, HP 8568B spectrum analyzer, HP 85660 display, HP 3562A dynamic signal analyzer, and HP 8753A VNA. Please tell us about your test equipment needs.